Tuesday, December 7, 2010

R.I.P Mr. Squiggle

Last night I heard some terrible news. The creator of the amazing Mr. Squiggle, Norman Hetherington, passed away.

While I could never remember how to spell squiggle correctly, I did grow up watching and playing Mr Squiggle with my family. We would take it in turns to draw 'squiggles' and then try and make it into a picture. No one is better at squiggling than the master, Mr Squiggle!

I'm not great at squiggling on the computer, but here is a squiggle of Mr Squiggle that I did to honour his memory (black= initial squiggles):

Here is me (Mrs Squiggle?) with a giant pencil* I prepared earlier using THE Amazing Art Attack book:
Thank you Norman Hetherington for the wonderful hours spent watching Mr Squiggle and his magical squiggling and for the many more hours spent creating. May you Rest (and squiggle) In Peace.

*more on that later

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