Sunday, August 22, 2010

O Neil, Neil, Wherefore ART thou Neil?

I apologise for my absence from the blogosphere since my first blog, and endeavour to provide more art attacks installments.

Since I started this challenge and blog I got a job and an Australian election was called, and there is also the upcoming state election. Working almost full time during the week and campaigning (for the Greens!) on many weekends has not been very conducive to art attacking. Although Neil might say this is no excuse. I fear I may have disappointed him and my 12-year-old self.



As some consolation, I have been freestyling it with pipecleaners and food!

The Pipe Cleaners:

Food (I really shouldn't play with my food...):

Why did Frosty go to live in the middle of the ocean? Because snow man is an island.

And then there were these costumes...

Sigmund Freud and Luna Lovegood

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  1. If you are wondering why it says I did this in August, it is because I actually started it then... oops