Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Love

Once upon a time there was a girl called Clare. In primary school, Clare's favourite TV show was Art Attack. The host, Neil Buchanan, was her hero. He may have even been her first love. The man is a genius! Art Attack was her religion and Neil was the God. She loved trying to make Neil's creations even though they usually turned out more like The Head's attempts. She loved the way he called Textas 'felt-tip pens' and more particularly the way he called toilet paper 'loo roll'. She loved how Neil loved gold pens so much and used them at every opportunity. Art Attack left Clare with the impression that all you needed in life was loo roll, gold pens, felt-tip pens, poster paint and, of course, PVA glue.

As she grew older, Clare's enthusiasm for Neil and Art Attack waned (although her passion for loo roll never did...). She discovered Harry Potter, but that is another story. She did manage to maintain a passion for making birthday cards for friends.

Earlier this year, Clare made an incredible discovery in her local newsagent; a discovery that would change her life (or at least reignite her deep childhood passion and love). She found the 'Amazing Art Attack Stuff with Neil Buchanan' book, which had 'over 80 of [her] favourite art attacks'. It was only $10! She was extremely excited and is quite sure she frightened the newsagent worker.

Now, I have decided to tell a story about my attempts to complete all 89 art attacks in the book- from castles to giant pencils, and from giant pencils to fantasy flyers. I know that I will never be as good as Neil (no one will), but hopefully I will be better than the Head. Knowing my lack of practical or motor skills, it is possible that I will be worse! I will be assisted by my friend C1 and perhaps others in some cases.

I hope people enjoy reading about my quest. I think I will enjoy the journey.